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6 AC Repair Tips to Save you Some Money

May 25, 2016 at 10:04 pm

Your air conditioner is an essential part of your home. You need it to keep your home habitable in the summer. When your AC malfunctions your first action could be to call in AC professionals to fix the problem. Regardless if the problem is big or small, professionals will always cost a precious penny. There are some malfunctions that you can easily fix yourself if only you knew how to do that. Here you get 6 AC repair tips that can have you saving your precious money when you maintain and troubleshoot your own AC.

Best AC Repair Tips

Power Cable is Unplugged

One of the most worrying troubles for a home owner is when the air conditioning won’t come on. You find that if this is the case there could be a couple of reasons you can easily fix. One of them could be that the power cable has come unplugged. You can check this at the socket where the power cable is plugged. When you check this ensure that the socket outlet is also delivering power. You can do this by checking with another socket.

Blown Fuse

Another cause that will have you worried when your AC does not come on is the fuse. Your power could be under heavy load from your appliances and if so, is prone to trip the breaker of the AC periodically. This is something that can be looked at by an electrician. But when this happens and your AC refuses to come on, simply check if the breaker tripped and reset it. Another power failure culprit is the blown fuse which is easily replaceable. Such a fuse would give you indications by the smell or burnt out color.

Dirty Filter

Another one of important AC repair tips is the state of your filter. When your AC is overworked or refusing to blow cool air into your home there is a good possibility the filter has been worn out. Filters are meant to be replaced every so often. You may have overlooked this part easily. Depending on the filter your air conditioner is using it might require monthly, biannual, or more frequent replacement.

Thermostat Settings

Your thermostat determines the temperature your circulating air will be. If the thermostat is set to room temperature then there is no way it will ever cool down. This is a culprit when your AC is not blowing in the cool air. Check that the temperature settings are lower than the room temperature.

Dirty or Cluttered Condenser

Your AC unit which is outside required to be clean in order to deliver cool air into the house. It also requires having some three feet of space in order to function optimally. If your condenser is dirty you can easily clean it using a hose and water. You can remove any debris that may have collected within the unit and also clean the fins. You need to do this gently as the fins are delicate.

Blocked Ducts

The air flow in your home may also have been blocked from the outlets. If your ducts are blocked it may be hindering the flow of air. You can easily unblock these ducts from the attic.

These AC repair tips give you most of the knowledge to do general maintenance and repair to your AC. Thorough work should, however, be left to the professionals to avoid damage or injury.